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2、Regional Manager's Application Assessment and Benefits

The regional manager is AlphaGPT's executive officer in the region, representing the company to exercise the power in the region, enjoying the high monthly salary of the regional manager and the income dividend of the region.

1、Application qualifications for regional managers

(1) The threshold for applying for a regional manager is a Silver Broker
(2) The total team income should not be less than 50,000 USDT
(3) For the largest LV1 member team among you, its team income not exceed 60% of your total team income.
(4) Have an independent office (or open an office after you get your first basic salary)
*You need to meet the above 4 conditions at the same time before you can apply to become a regional manager

2、Regional manager salary and benefits: *When you meet the above application conditions for regional managers, you will receive the following rights and benefits

(1) The basic monthly salary is $1,000/month. In the current month (30 days), add "Total team income" no less than 50,000 USDT to receive the basic salary of the month (calculate from the time you apply, count the total team income added every 30 days) ). (Previously not counted, it will be calculated from the time of your first application, and the first basic monthly salary will be issued after completion) (2) Regional manager monthly dividend: $800~$10000. After you upgrade to regional manager, your new "Total team income" in the current month (30 days) exceeds 80000USDT, and you have the right to distribute dividends as regional manager. Each income of your team will be directly related to the amount of regional dividends you receive: Newly added "Total team income" 80,000-150,000 USDT, the regional dividend ratio is 1%, and the dividend amount is 800-1,500USDT Newly added "Total team income" 150,000-250,000 USDT, the regional dividend ratio is 1.5%, and the dividend amount is 2,250-3750USDT Newly added "Total team income" 250,000-500,000 USDT, the regional dividend ratio is 2%, and the dividend amount is 5,000-10,000USDT *The monthly regional dividend limit is 10,000 USDT Newly added Total team income statistics: the "total team income" added every 30 days from the day you apply. For example, when you meet the requirements of a regional manager and apply on August 6, your team's total income is 50,000 USDT, By September 5th, your team's total income is 150,000 USDT, then your new team's total income this month is 100,000 USDT, then you can get 100,000*1%=1,000 USDT in dividends, plus your basic salary of 1,000 USDT, you this month Can get 2,000 USDT regional extra income
(3) After your total team income exceeds 100,000 USDT, you can apply to help you open a local branch, and you will be appointed as the CEO of the branch. AlphaGPT will reimburse part or all of the rent and decoration costs within a reasonable range (based on your local average actual cost). If false reporting is found, the power to help you will be revoked.
(4) Year-end bonus: 2000-5000 $AGPT tokens will be issued at the end of the year as contribution rewards according to your monthly work progress
(5) Issue the company's regional manager authorization certificate, and you will exercise power and carry out activities in the region on behalf of the company
(6) Reimbursement of expenses incurred by the regional manager for holding large-scale activities/charity activities in the region (need to apply to the company)
(7) Issue the invitation letter of the annual meeting of the head office (several core members can be brought), reimburse all travel expenses, board and lodging to and from the UK, and provide visas.
(8) You can add your twitter to the affiliate organization of AlphaGPT enterprise (your twitter will have Blue checkmark and AlphaGPT logo)
Regional Manager Authorization Certificate Template

3、Job Requirements and Responsibilities of Regional Manager

(1)At least 10 Level 1 effective employees need to be added every week (at least one official Robot Level 1 employee should be activated)
(2)Frame your regional manager authorization certificate and place it in a prominent place in your office
(3)Organize at least one or several training sessions for new and old employees at your office every week.
(4)Invite employees in your area to visit and study at your office
(5)Guide new employees to become regular employees, and teach them to purchase USDT from exchanges, use AlphaGPT to quantify income, and complete withdrawals
(6)Carry out offline promotion in the local area, guide others to participate in and use AlphaGPT offline, and organize regular training
(7)Help others locally on behalf of AlphaGPT, regularly do some charitable activities, and provide the company's local popularity and social influence

Regional Manager Application Process:

After meeting the conditions, you can contact the reviewer for review and registration Contact official Telegram auditors: If you are unable to contact the Telegram auditors, you can contact your direct senior manager and other official staff to forward.
And have the following information ready:
(1) Your AlphaGPT registration link
(2) Screenshot of your team page
(3) Fill in your current area
(4) ID card/passport photo
(5) Your phone number
Other Notes:
  1. 1.
    Supervision prohibits minors and school students from participating in ALPHAGPT work.
  2. 2.
    Prevent employees from misbehaving or violating local government requirements and policies.
  3. 3.
    Solve the problems encountered by all team members at work.
  4. 4.
    Cooperate with and complete the tasks assigned by customer service and senior direct managers; actively communicate with customer service and managers about problems encountered by employees.